Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: The one with no pictures and lots of walking

Monday:  Swim lessons and taco night.  Oh, how we love tacos.   After taco night, I took a walk up and down the hill (up and down, up and down, etc.) the next block over.  I may do that more often!

Tuesday:  Well, we were supposed to have some rock delivered and spread onto our driveway.  So, we tried to be gone during the window of delivery.  The kids and I got up and tried to hurry out to the library.  Our library has a walking trail that is really nice.  After a mile walk, we went in and finished our schoolwork.  Before we left, we went on another mile walk around the trail.  Then, we did something we never do...we went out to lunch.  Taco Bell pleases everyone and is right near the library.  Fortunately, we made it before the lunch rush.  Back home to find no new rock on our driveway....bummer.  

Tuesday night:  Tera attended her first ever TEEN homeschool event.  We have a rather large homeschool support group that has activities throughout the year.  Most of the time the events are not things she would enjoy-dances, trampoline parks, etc.  Game night is something she REALLY likes.  She tried to recruit at least one friend to go, because most likely we would not know anyone.  The age range is rather broad 13-19.  One of her close friends was planning to attend.  I kinda watched from the sidelines as teens do what teens do.  Some talked to her at the beginning during the mingling, but mostly she was kinda alone. At least one parent, sent their kid over to talk to her.  

I saw her start helping an adult set up chairs or reading the directions to a game.  Not once did I feel the need to go in and rescue her.  That awkwardness in a room where you don't know a soul is a right of passage in some way.  She reacted the same way I would in a situation like that.  Not pushing myself into an established group and then looking for a way to help someone.  She wasn't distressed or traumatized.   

Her friend arrived and I might have seen relief come over her face.  She played a game with other girls her age...laughing and talking.  She enjoyed herself immensely!  I talked with my friend in a corner somewhere while we waited.  I was only sorry that I didn't get to join in on any of the cool games.  But that's for another night, I guess.  It was also a bit on the late side for my early bird! 

Wednesday:  Up bright and early, I had my devotions and prayer time before getting out of bed.  Then, I slid down the last few steps of the stairs coming down.  One leg went back wrenching my foot and bruising my leg.  I carpet-burned my arm and bruised it, too.  It was not a great start to the day.  I'm not any worse for wear, still bruised and my big toe has a kink in it. 

Tera had her last piano lesson.  She has loved her teacher, who has been a friend and mentor for her.  She loved her so much that I know that is the reason she has stayed with piano this long.  She just doesn't LOVE piano, it's not her PASSION.  So, for now we're signing her up for a choir in the fall.  We'll look for other ways/instruments for her.  It was bittersweet, but a necessary move for her and us.  

After piano and flute, we swung by the library for a walk.  Even after my fall, I knew I needed to "walk it off" to avoid being "stove up" as my grandmother used to say.  We walked 2 miles.  

Since I was up so early, I started to lay down for a few minutes after a hot bath.  Then, I hear beeping outside.  The guy was finally there to dump rock while I was laying down for the first time in forever.  I wish I could say I rolled with it.  But my attitude left something to be desired.  I won't go all into the rest of the afternoon, but by bedtime that night...I was one cranky chick!

Thursday:  Yesterday, I woke up late and still cranky.  Didn't do my devotions and could really feel it the entire day.  I was in a blue mood.  Things were crazy, there seemed to be messes everywhere.  So, I started to clean up before we left for the library for chess club.  I wanted all my chores done before we left. We left dinner in the crockpot and the house in pretty good shape.

We did another 2 mile walk/jog.  Then, headed in for chess club.  I read to Michael while Tera and Daniel played.  Michael wanted to go on another walk, so we logged in another 1/2 mile.  

Today:  We are home ALL DAY!!!! feels so good!  The kids and I have decided we are going to train for a walk/run 5K somewhere in the distant future.  We want to be well-trained before we attempt that.  

I am so glad today is Friday--it's pizza and movie night.  It's a relaxing day at home and I'm already feeling the load of the week falling off my shoulders. 



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