Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break--Freedom in the Somethings

Structure-my kids need it; they actually thrive in it!  Structure is necessary.  Without enough, it leads quickly down a path of boredom, moodiness and possibly laziness.  Too much structure is stifling and prevents creativity.  Finding a happy medium is the key.  

Spring break can have structure and still be FUN!!!

My two older kids have their own interests and hobbies.  Most of the time they entertain themselves very successfully.  Other times they need a little help.  I wanted to leave nothing up to chance this week.  I have some fun things lined up, but wanted them to have some freedom to pursue their own desires this week.  

Here's what they woke up to on the dry erase board this morning:

Write something
Read something
Play something
Clean something
Do something
Create something
Make something
Practice something


They pick whatever somethings they want to do.  Nothing is set in stone, yet they have somethings to look forward enjoy!

Structure,  yet freedom in the somethings of life!

There has been music played, desks cleaned, floral arrangements made all with a lightness of spirit and emotions!  Structure...yeah, it's a good thing in this house!  

Even on spring breaks...


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