Saturday, March 25, 2017

Aviation and Art

Last week, we got two breaks in our routine!  

Field trip to the Tennessee Museum of Aviation

A fellow homeschooling friend invited us to a field trip she was organizing at the Tennessee Museum of Aviation.  Since Michael has been studying flight in science and WWI in history, the timing was perfect.   

Tera and Daniel were given the privilege to walk around on their own during the in-depth talk on WWI.  I was struck by the realization that in the past Daniel would have had too much "energy" to be left to his own devices in a museum of this type.  But he explored and I didn't worry one bit.  I like this season of life! 

Wright brothers' full scale glider model

Michael did not want to look at me to get this picture.  He wanted to study everything in the cockpit, but there was a line and not that much time.  

We were starving when we were done.  So, we stopped at Sonic on the way home...

On Thursday, we stopped by the Clayton Center for the Arts to view the Synergy student and educator art exhibits.  

(I caught Tera at an off moment in this picture.  Despite the look on her face, this was one of her favorite paintings.)

We talked about which ones we liked most, which ones we didn't and why, then took our time looking around. 

Michael asked if he could sign the guest book.  As I looked over later, I saw his cute attempt at cursive and had to save the memory.  

Inspired by art...

Celebrity guessing game in French...

It was an out of the ordinary week for us which is just the type of weeks you need in the springtime! 


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