Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Wednesday is a rare treat in the middle of a busy week.  Only one chauffeuring duty. 

I've been working this week on adding times of quiet into my day.  After dropping Daniel off for his flute lesson, I stretched out in the car and waited.  Instead of running errands, I took that hour just to sit and be.  To read, write my daily Scriptures and soak in the warm sunshine on the coldest day we've had in over a month. 

I've kept the literal fire going today, but I'm still cold!  Other than keeping the fire going and school, I really cannot think of anything else I've accomplished today. 
Unless you count:

curling up under a cozy blanket while taking a nap

watching The Cosby Show with Tera and Michael

administering a portion of the ACT practice test and rewarding the efforts of quietness by the other two with pie

this blog post

warming up leftovers for dinner

Sometimes you need a day with no real accomplishments--a day just to let your mind and body rest.  I'm so thankful for a day like that today! 


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