Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tai Chi

Daniel started taking Tai Chi classes last September when we joined the wellness center.  Last week, the class celebrated its 11th year in existence with demonstrations of the various forms they practice.  To say I was the proud momma is an understatement. 

Anything that can take a gangly 6 foot teenage boy and make him look graceful is a miracle.  Daniel has always struggled with his flexibility, but Tai Chi has done wonders for him.  Currently, he is the most flexible person in our family.  (And I was told the most flexible person in the class!)

I heard many of his classmates talk about how they love him and jokingly how much they hate him.  He brings a new, young energy to the class.  More than one person described him as graceful and expressed their amazement at how fast he has learned the forms and his flexibility.  I'm so glad we made the choice to pull back from some other activities to let the kids explore new things.  Sometimes I have doubted that decision, but not now. 


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