Friday, March 17, 2017


Yesterday was a whirlwind...gym, school, play date for Michael and I.  We came rushing in the door to get dinner on the table before Michael and I left for karate.  Then, I heard 5 wonderful words...

"I'll take Michael to karate."  

Oh my!  Those five words were music to my ears.  I needed some time just to unwind and relax.  I have quite a bit of anxiety over the last couple of weeks.  That little bit of time made the world of difference.  And the fact that JP had cleaned the crock pot I left in the sink overnight.  He was speaking my love language yesterday and I was so thankful for his gestures of love!


I had all these plans to do St. Patrick's Day activities with Michael, but I needed to get an oil change and my car looked over before a field trip next week.  After waking up really early to get out there, I didn't really have much left for extras when I got home.  I planned on pushing through, but Michael didn't seem interested either.  So, I just let it go!  He finished up his regular school work and we called it a day.  

St. Patrick's Day celebration consisted of watching Veggie Tales about St. Patrick, listening to Adventures in Odyssey about St. Patrick and JP picking up shamrock shakes for every one after fencing.  I guess I should count Lucky Charms for breakfast, maybe?

Michael is in bed, the older kids are watching a movie with some friends and I've loaded some new books on my kindle.  Glad the busy-ness of this week is winding down and looking forward to the weekend together. 


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