Saturday, November 3, 2018

30 Days of Thanks: Day 3

Today, we all went in four different directions.  I usually hate those kind of days, but I decided to be proactive.  After dropping Daniel off at an all-day creative writing workshop, I headed to two different historical home sites within 20 minutes of the campus.  Instead of sitting and waiting, I did something just for me.  The tours weren't the "best" I've ever been on, but it was nice to talk to interesting people and be "on my own" for a change.  Usually "on my own" time equals grocery shopping or waiting.  

 Today's blessings:

  • beautiful flowers and fall tree colors everywhere

  •  meeting interesting people on my home tours

  • not getting hung up on certain circumstances that would have ruined my day any other time
  • safe travels
  • crockpot dinners that are hot and ready at the end of this long day
  • fun times of exploration--JP and Michael went out in the woods this morning while Tera was at work and Daniel went to his workshops.

  • gourmet organic honey at a frugal price! 


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