Monday, November 5, 2018

30 Days of Thanks: Day 5

Oh, where do I begin?

Yesterday, I spent the majority of the afternoon prepping four dinners for this week.  We have a dress rehearsal or concert every night until Friday.  I cannot tell you how much stress that took off of me to have that done.  Even though I made four trips into town today, the fact that I had dinner in the fridge ready-to-go made my entire day!

We are on fall break from "formal" school because we have so much going on this week.  I spent the morning doing some planning for the rest of the semester and singing along to worship songs AND Christmas songs.  Michael and I even pulled out the hymnals for a Christmas carol sing-along (per his request).  I was so encouraged today just by lots of little things and it's been the least overwhelmed I've felt when facing a really busy week in a long time.  

Who knew making dinners up ahead of time would make such a difference? 


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