Friday, November 9, 2018

Fun Fridays: Japan

I have been looking forward to this Fun Friday for a long time.  My friend, Akemi treated us to a day learning all about her Japanese culture.

We started the day with a lesson on using a topical Bible and concordance.

My contribution to today's co-op was to share these three books:

Once Upon a Time in Japan
K is for Kabuki:  A Japanese Alphabet
It's Cool to Learn About Countries:  Japan

I also did a short lesson on writing haikus.  We wrote this one together as a group:

Bright colored poppies
Flourish "In Flander's Fields" to
Make one remember  

The boys will write their own haiku to share next time we meet.

Now for the really fun stuff planned by Akemi:
Sweets--One of Michael's favorite parts.  The Japanese are big fans of small sweet desserts!

Samurai swords and origami helmets

Sumi-e Japanese calligraphy practice

Michael LOVED the calligraphy part of today's co-op.

Sushi demonstration.

Akemi was so hospitable to us today.  She purchased soy wrappers and prepared fillings that she knew her non-sushi eating friends would enjoy!   Now, I can say that I like one type of sushi-- inari sushi--my favorite today.  And I managed to actually eat my rice with chopsticks! 

The expert at work!

Green tea

I appreciate so much the work Akemi did to share with us and let us experience parts of her cultural heritage.  Akemi is a patient and encouraging teacher.   Michael and I enjoyed this day so much! 


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