Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Would You Do....Repost from 2008

What would you do if you knew it was your last day on this earth? That question came to my mind during prayer yesterday. We have two friends that are dealing with cancer. One of them Stage 4 and without the miraculous intervention of the Lord they will not be on this earth very long. I began thinking about how I would go out and "live it up". Do all kinds of experiences with my kids- take them to the Aquarium, etc. Then I thought about it and it hit me- no I wouldn't go anywhere. I would cuddle in my bed with my kids and my husband, put in a movie that made them laugh hysterically and just be with them. I would spend time in my husband's arms and feel his embrace. I would do all those things we consider mundane and unexciting. It reminded me that the things truly important to me are my husband and kids. Everyday life with them is important and not to be taken for granted.

So when I think that my life is mundane and boring, I will remember that I am focusing on the most important people in my life. I do not have to go exciting places or do grand things. What will be remembered by my family is the time I spent with them in the ordinary days. I hope that I do not waste the ordinary times waiting for the extraordinary.


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