Thursday, April 21, 2011


  • 2 weeks before school is over for the summer. We are all in countdown mode. We finish up book work this week and will end the year with a Native American unit plan. I'm really excited because of all the cool crafts, we are going to do. Weaving, sand painting, etc.

  • I went for my dr.'s appt. today...came home with 1 low dose antibiotic and another medicine that will hopefully remedy this UTI thing I've had for over a month now. He also suggested Cranberry tablets, so I got those too. I will be doing some research before I go back in a month for some other natural remedies I can do, before I let them put me on medicine permanently. I HATE taking prescriptions. Those sheets with all the side effects always freak me out.

  • Tera and Daniel are working on Science Fair projects this week. Tera did her project yesterday and today they started typing up all their things for the actual board. I'm making them type everything, so it's very long and tedious for them. But they do enjoy it, especially the formatting---picking fonts and colors. Both of the actual experiments did not turn out as successful as I'd hoped, but it was a great learning experience anyway. Picking the project, implementing it, and then writing up all their observations.

  • We've been doing the Resurrection Eggs for our devotions every night leading up to Easter Sunday. Every Easter, we hide these along with all our other eggs for the kids to find. Then we open them one by one and have the kids tell the story. This year, I decided to do the Scripture readings and devotion guide, that was included to help with their remembering some of the details of the story of the Resurrection. Michael has had a hard time every night when we have to put the eggs away. He plays with the contents while I'm reading the Scripture and the devotion.

  • Shhh....don't tell the kids, but the Easter Bunny is bringing them Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I'm really excited because I was the only one who didn't get to go to the theatre and see it. I was on babysitting duty with our precious little man.

  • JP is off tomorrow and Good Friday and I'm really looking forward to having him home for a four day weekend. We are planning on having our own personal Tenebrae service with Tera and Daniel, Friday night. This was such a memorable service, when we were pastoring that we really wanted to do it again this Easter. Tenebrae is a service of shadows in which you go through the various parts of the Crucifixion story and extinguish candles as you go to symbolize how dark the world became at the time of Christ's cruxifixion. The cool thing is that the Christ candle is never extinguished because He is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD and that light will never go out. It's really neat.

  • Daniel has an eye doctor check up on Friday. We are hoping and praying, they will put us on the "come back in a year" schedule. He has seen the eye doctor more times than I'd like to remember. Thankful for insurance!

  • Blogger has been doing some freaky things to my posts lately...don't really know why. Oh, well!

Have an awesome Resurrection Sunday!


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