Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On the Trail again...

Ft. Loudoun is my happy place. I absolutely love it out there...on a early Sunday morning, when it's just you and the park ranger. Well, maybe a few more people sometimes, but not a crowd by any means. It was such a beautiful Sunday, we decided to take "church on the road". We did our Bible study on the healing of the blind man from birth found in the Gospel of John, right there on the big rocks inside the fort. We prayed and then let the kids explore a while before hitting the trail. We did part of the Meadow Loop, since Michael is so small...and slow. The Meadow Loop reminds me of an English country road as it meanders up the hillside. JP only had to carry Michael a few steps before he wanted down. Michael found his happy place in digging up the river rocks on the trail. Daniel was disappointed we had to turn around in the middle of the trail, but Michael will be catching up to him soon enough.

Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

The dogwoods were so beautiful!


Tera pretending to be scared in a shady part of the trail...that silly fun-lovin' girl!


Taking a breather...I think this picture is so funny. JP and Daniel are making silly faces while Tera and Michael are looking at them, like "What are you two doing?"


I love it when we take our church service outdoors in God's creation. It was a perfect day!


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