Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hink Pinks- Forte and Piano


Recently, I hosted co-op and did a lesson on Hink Pinks.  I've always loved these one syllable silly rhyming pairs.  There are two-syllable pairs- Hinky Pinky and three-syllable ones- Hinkety Pinkety 

What is an unhappy father?  Sad Dad

I found some great resources online:

We did lots of riddles then broke up into groups.  Each group had to come up with a rhyming word pair.  Then a riddle question to go with the pair.  You should encourage figuring out the rhyming word pairs first.  It's much easier that way. 

After playing with hink pinks for a while, we moved onto a music lesson.  I did a lesson on forte-piano.  We made forte-piano signs on an index card.  As we listened to William Tell's overture by Rossini, we turned our cards to match if the music was forte or piano. 

I taught (or refreshed their memory for some) John Jacob Jingle Heimerschimdt to illustrate this.  Then, we made our own body percussion rainstorm. (variation of the lesson)  Finally, we played a hot/cold musical game called Button, You Must Wander.  (someone hides the button, the kids sing forte/piano to help the seeker find the button)


Our wild rainstorm


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  1. I totally learned that these are ink pinks but the premise is exactly the same. I use them a lot for studying vocab words and reviewing their meanings. It gets really dynamic when students can make their own! http://eslcarissa.blogspot.mx/2012/07/rhyming-word-game.html Glad to see other people love them too! Such a great way to keep students involved in critical thinking, vocabulary practice and inferring.

    Glad to see other teachers use it too!



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