Friday, October 21, 2011


Last week, I wrote about getting the better of this week.  Well, I did try!  Michael started running a fever on Sunday, which finally broke totally sometime late Monday night.  Tera and Daniel went to their first swim lesson and stopped with Daddy for ice cream on the way home.  By the time they got home, my head was killing me.  Then, Tera followed later that afternoon.  So we have been a bunch of sick people this week.  We missed a field trip and piano this week.  I napped most afternoons and so did Michael.  He had all but given up naps until he got sick and started asking to go to bed.  JP is now sounding croaky and as of yet, Daniel has stayed well.  He's usually the first one to go.  We were supposed to have a unit week on Feudal Japan, but it just wasn't coming together like I had hoped.  So, I had planned on doing a hodge podge of stuff for school.  We did all kinds of things- I'll write about later.  But it was a pretty successful week, I think.  We ended up taking today off, just because it's been a long week.  So I guess we did get the better of it after all.

This is what I've been having a lot for dinners...roasted veggies.  Mostly potato, sweet potato, carrots and garlic. 

We are studying ecosystems and here are some play-doh coral reefs the kids made last week.

They also experimented making their own sand out of oyster shells from the beach. 

JP's habernero harvest this year has been out of this world.  This is the last of it (we think).  Apparently, he has a lot of people at work who love them.  A wife of a co-worker is from Mexico and had her husband ask JP for more because she loved them so much.



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