Saturday, April 7, 2012


This week for co-op we had some brain games. 

We started with:

aluminum foil
bowls of water

The objective: Make something with the foil that would float and hold the weight of pennies.  Then, see how many pennies your creation could hold before sinking. 

We had everything from simple rafts, canoes, and even a submarine.  94 pennies was the magic number. 


Then we moved on to our next activity:
26 playing cards are all you'll need.
Design a structure that will give an imaginary cow the most grazing area using only cards.  The only problem:   the cards have to stand up and not lay flat. 
The girls used their surroundings to help them out.


The boys went with a more traditional approach.


I found these ideas on the Zoom website

Finally, music!
Vivaldi's Spring is a very fitting composition for this time of year.  Using scarves, we moved to the various sections.  A section- trees; B section- birds; C section-river; D section- storm; E section- sun.
Trees had green scarves, river-blue, storm- red, and sun- yellow.  The birds could pick their own color scarf. 
The sections follow a rondo pattern and are as follows:  ABACADAEAEA.
Kids only move on their sections...some got really creative with their scarves and movement. 


Then the free-for-all at the end.

Finally, a rhythmic story about an old man, old woman, grand-daughter, cat, big black dog, and the mighty little mouse.  Each kid picked an instrument to play the rhythm of the words associated with the name of their character.  Then, I improvised a story about all the characters trying to uproot a huge turnip.  After once through, we switched parts.
Both our little ones ending up being the little old woman, so I dressed them appropriately.  :)


It was a really fun day as always!

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