Monday, April 16, 2012

Ordinary week

Sometimes you have a good week but it's just kinda ordinary.  Well, that was last week.  We were really busy with things that just didn't produce a whole lot of pictures or creativity on my part (blogging creativity).

We had haircuts, dentist appointments, piano lesson, another shot in my foot and some general running around.  Michael loved his first official dentist appointment.  He was jumping up and down singing:  "yay, yay, yay" before we left and whined all the way home about wanting to go back.

Saturday, we found out our chimney is non-functional again.  The liner we bought (over $1000) three years ago had been damaged supposedly through cleaning.  We've used the same company every time but this time had someone else come out (Groupon).  The new company found it and refused to clean the chimney.  The old company will come out on Friday to inspect what happened and hopefully own up to the damage and repair it.  Since we've used them exclusively...anyway...JP's department and here I'm putting my two cents in about it.

Friday and Saturday, I spent hobbling around recovering from my last shot.  After this, surgery is my only other option, but that is only when I can't bare the pain anymore.  That will be a long long time.  Surgery is not something I take lightly at all. 

Sunday, we took our church meeting to Fort Loudoun.  We sat under the shelter and had a picnic lunch.  We read from Luke 8:26-9:17.  JP had the most horrific allergy attack while we were there, so he just listened to us take turns reading.  He said it was so awesome to look out at the water and listen to the Word of God being read.  We had a worship time and then walked down to the fort.  I didn't realize it was a garrison weekend, although, we guessed when we started hearing cannon fire during our picnic.  We got down there at the taking down of the flag, but that's okay.  We loved being out there, no matter.  Michael fell asleep in the car and Tera came home with a headache.  They were all worn out and so was I (Michael needed 2 different trips to the bathroom- up and down the hill).

Our Monday will probably be crazy, but at least I'll have something out of the ordinary to write about next week. 

I found this link this morning, be sure to check this one out:

Nature Journaling for Little Ones  Great ideas for nature journaling.


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