Monday, April 16, 2012

Crazy Monday

I must have been prophetic with my post earlier...this Monday has been crazy.

JP was feeling bad yesterday, so I was trying to keep the kids quiet while he slept.  Fighting a losing battle there.

We walked to the post office to mail some letters and postcards.  So we took Mazey with us...he decided to leave a present on the sidewalk for the postal workers.  Glad I had thought to put a plastic bag in my pocket.

I decided to let them play in the sandbox while I read their science and read aloud.  The lodge next door decided it was mowing day.  Luckily, they have a very small lawn.

My potty trained 3 year old, who almost never has an accident even in a pull-up, peed on himself twice within a 2 hour time.  Then, I put him down for a mandatory nap and he woke up cranky.  He's better now. 

JP had to juggle trashbags on the way out to work when the handle broke on one. 

Daniel was cleaning his room with explicit instructions not to be rude to Tera (she helps point out things he missed before I check, my pseudo-checker).  He was told he would lose cookies, movie and have an early bedtime.  He went straight up the stairs and called her a name.  I couldn't believe it!   I asked Tera if he was rude and she didn't want to say because the sweet thing didn't want him getting in trouble.   Then, when I followed through on the consequences---wailing and gnashing of teeth.  He's still whining/crying about it. 

Tera's been out of it all day, too.  Little things here and there. 

Can I have a do over on this day?

I know it sounds like I'm reacting to everyone around me...but I'm sure I've had issues, too.  Let's hope it's all just allergies making everyone (including me)  act crazy!

Good news- our crew that is putting up siding/gutters should be here to do that tomorrow and the rest of the week.  Or at least that is what they told JP we hope so.

Here's hoping and praying for a calm Tuesday!


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