Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just relaxin'

Last weekend, we headed over to the mountains to stay in a cabin for a few days. Nothing planned...no agendas...no field trips. Just relaxin'

JP wanted to look around a music store on our way into town, so the kids and I had him drop us off at the nearby Cracker Barrel.  I was reminded one of the main reasons we do not go out to eat.  We were looking at the menu and Tera asked me for a price range.  I just shot out $5.99...then realized that nothing on the menu was near that price except the daily special.  Fortunately, the daily special happened to be turkey/gravy and dressing with one veggie and bread.  Well, it worked for us!  All three of us ordered the same thing and we still ended up paying over $30 for just lunch.  I'm not sure how people afford to go out to eat all the time.  You know something else...I didn't feel ill, overstuffed or sluggish after having that simple meal.  It was a nice splurge and we had a very relaxing time taking our time eating and looking around the store. 


Relaxin' on the porch...eatin' candy canes...waitin' for Daddy...listenin' to old country music...amazing my daughter with my memory of songs from days long past. 


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