Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Puzzles, Pool and Games...

When we arrived at our cabin, JP opened the door and said..."I don't think they're ready for us..."  Paint cans everywhere, pictures not on the wall, beds in the kids' room taken apart, vacuum out and kitchen counters piled up.  So, we called the owner... who thought they were done with the work.  She sent us to another cabin for just that night until ours would be ready.  We went to this huge 4 bedroom cabin and dropped off our things before heading to the indoor pool (which happens to be an outside greenhouse that houses a pool).  We came back and I started dinner (homemade pizza crusts brought from home).  We got another call from the owner saying our cabin would not be ready at all during our stay.  She said that someone was moving into the cabin where we were the next day, so she wanted to move us next door to another cabin. We got to tour 3 different cabins in one day.  What a trip!   We had been asked before we left if we wanted to upgrade to this cabin with a mountain view.  I decided against it because we were already paid in full and within our budget.  Then, we got it anyway at no extra charge.  What a blessing!   It was a spectacular view, by the way!! (I'll post those pictures tomorrow.)

Snugglin' with Daddy

The resort at the cabin has an indoor pool, which is nice....until you have to go out soakin' wet into windy, cold weather.  We went everyday and pretending we were apart of the polar bear club.  :)

I'm so glad I didn't plan anything!!!


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