Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little Treasures

On the way home Sunday, we decided to stop at a little antique store and flea market.  We had such a fun stroll looking at all the interesting items and brought home a few of our favorites. 

There was a booth with a potter using a pottery wheel...we bought these cute little spoon rests. Our family likes tons of salsas, condiments on the table when we eat.  These met a need we've had for a long time...what to do with all those spoons?  

 Check out her other things in their etsy shop: One Pottery 

JP collects straight razors and found this one in a booth half off...

Daniel found some bottle caps- 3 for $1...the starts of an interesting collection

Tera found all these foreign coins to add to her coin collection for $2 in all.

We bought some cheese to sample.  I have to say I've never tried cheese curds before, but found that I really like them.  The butter cheese is a mild, but yet very flavorful softer cheese.

We haven't been to a flea market with the kids, ever.  It was so enjoyable walking around looking for treasures.  I'd say we found some nice ones!


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