Sunday, February 24, 2013

Preschool- Learning is Not Just for the Student

Some things I've learned (re-learned) about accomplishing things with a preschooler:

  • Plan ahead...if I don't prep things (usually the night before) ahead of time, we don't do them!

  • Make it doable!  Don't try to do too much.  I show a week's worth of activities at a time on this blog.  The rest of time my little man is playing with legos, blocks, being Larryboy, loving on the dog, watching Veggie get the idea.  

  • Go with the flow.  My preschooler is almost always ready to do his "activities".  On days when we've been running a lot or have a number of outside activities...we don't do a lot of "activities".

  • Pinterest...I really like pinterest.  It's a great tool to get tons of ideas for preschoolers.  I actually do accomplish a great deal of the things I pin. (There is a lot that I don't get around to, as well)  It's easy to look on my preschool board to get some great ideas for the week ahead. 

  • At this age, make it fun...don't push it!  I had one child that didn't want to do anything pre-school related. So we waited until kindergarten to start anything...anything intentional, that is. Michael loves doing school related things, so I just follow his lead. 

  • Don't compare yourself to other people or their blogs.  When we look around and see others' doing so much more than we can lead to a very defeated attitude. I saw a quote this week talking about "comparing myself to myself".  If you do one more thing today/this week/this month, than you did in the past...that's what you focus on.  Not that your "neighbor" did 25 more things than you did. 

  • Get other people involved. My two older kids help out a lot with Michael.  On their assignment sheets, they have a daily activity as well as reading him one book.  If I just can't get around to doing my "list", then I feel good that he's gotten some extra attention from his sister and brother.  

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