Monday, February 25, 2013

Moving Forward...not Looking Behind

I've revealed recently in a post(s) about some life changes that have led to stress in our lives. I've let those stress-ers (good and bad) led to (in my opinion) some significant weight gain.  Hey, when you are approaching 40...10 pounds is a big deal.  My metabolism can't deal with that as easily as it once did. 

Here's how it usually goes...I gain weight-I feel guilty-I try to lose-then don't- more guilt- or I lose weight-relax what I know to do-then gain again.    I know what to do. I haven't been living under a rock for the past few years. I've watched some Biggest Loser episodes.   The hard part is taking what I know and applying it to my triggers, habits, and my life in general.  

I know "health" and not numbers should be my goal...I am overall very healthy.  I do not have any major illnesses associated with my weight, but I'd like to keep it that way.  Having my "number" where it should be, helps me know if I am taking the appropriate steps to staying healthy--it's something tangible.   

I have 10 pounds to lose until I'm back to where I was before I started gaining again.  This is the high end of normal as indicated by my physician.  I have another 10 pounds to lose after that to achieve my "here's where I feel comfortable" weighing point.  20 sweat, right?  HA!  I'll have to sweat a whole lot to reach this goal.  

I have found in the past the way I keep myself accountable to something is to post it (at least short term) here.  It keeps it in my face and I can look back on my goals.  So here I go again...moving forward, not looking behind. 

My plan is three-fold:

Eliminate triggers:

No eating in front of a screen  Studies have shown we eat more when we combine screen time with eating.  My scale agrees.

In bed to read by 8-8:30 PM After my kids go to bed is my prime overeating time.  I'm tired, overwhelmed from the day and no one is watching or asking for some. 

No weighing in for a month As much as I think I need the scale to keep on track, it sends me negative messages.  So I need to step off and regroup. (I even had my husband hide it from me, so I can't change my mind.)

Reduce food intake:

Use card
Here's the deal with "the card".  When we lived in Illinois, we saw in an eating plan outlined in a Reader's Digest magazine.  The whole premise was make one change a week for 5 weeks.  It started with changing the way you eat breakfast, then lunch, dinner, snacks and finally added in exercise.  We were very successful with this idea.  It's not overwhelming to make small changes. 

"So, what about the card?"  We adapted the servings for a day as proposed by this program into a laminated card that we could mark off as we consumed throughout the day.  When your servings are all marked're done eating!  It's much like the weight watchers point system, I guess.  On the back, is a handy guide for being able to "eye" portion sizes.   For the next month, I'm using the card to help me be more conscious of my portion sizes. 

Keep track of how much water I'm drinking  I basically only drink water, but haven't been keeping track of how much lately.  We all tend to drink less in the winter months, so I'll be more conscious of how much I'm drinking. 

Increase movement:

12,000 steps a day  I know I've been more sedentary lately.  Some days I get in 12,000 steps but it's hard.  I need to get up and get moving earlier in the day.  Lately, I wait until the end of the day and run like a mad dog trying to get my steps in.  Then, I wake myself up and end up going to bed later.  My goal is to get these steps in earlier in the day. 

Add in an exercise video/program I'm not definite about this part, yet.  But I definitely need to add something in addition to the steps. 

I'm hoping to report back in one month with some incredible results. Although, I'd settle for some modest results.  You will get no detailed before and after pictures.  I'm not plastering my behind or "Can you tell I've had 3 kids and 3 C-sections?" stomach on here for everyone to see.  Not going to happen.  You will get an update, though. 

I truly believe our physical health, habits and well-being effect all other aspects of our lives--emotional, spiritual and relationships.  I'm praying for some spill over into those areas. I'm actually excited  and happy about treating everyday as a blank slate, I'm ready to move forward. 

Crazy Casa K


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