Friday, November 21, 2014

30 Days of Thanks: Day 21--Relaxing Day

If you've talked to me at all lately, I've probably been tired, talking about being tired and busy, or looking stressed out. I apologize for that! 

But if you talked to me today, you'd be talking to a different woman. This has been the most relaxing day I've had in weeks. It's been one of the few days we've been home. 

I let the laundry go, most of the cleaning and cooked only what was necessary.  I sat in front of the fireplace with a book I checked out from the library.  I fielded questions about schoolwork, read to Michael, checked math all at my own relaxed pace.

I went outside and ran around with Michael while soaking in fresh air and the beautiful sunshine.  

I read more, did my devotions and walked to the post office.  I ate healthy foods and drank tons of water.

Oh my, I feel so much better!

I give thanks for days like this.  Days where I soak in all the goodness right here in my own little corner of Small Town, USA.  I give thanks for days of rest!

Thank you, Lord!  


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