Friday, November 28, 2014

30 Days of Thanks: Day 28

I give thanks: 

  • for Christmas ornaments that remind me of wonderful years together and beautiful additions to our family

  • Christmas tree lights
  • working together to make crafts and cards for others

  • time spent together
  • being home again another whole day
  • kids that still ask for read-alouds
  • because God is truth and His Spirit leads us in truth
  • that God is always there with us through everyday life and trials that we face
  • that I get to review Karla Adolphe's new Christmas album (I'm really overjoyed about this!)
  • for good news that makes me happy
  • in advance that I will find a pair of good fitting shoes to wear with my awesome dress that I bought over a month ago.

The month is almost over, but thanksgiving should be a daily occurrence in our lives.  

Give thanks!


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