Monday, July 16, 2018

Chattanooga Day Trip: Tennessee Aquarium

We were supposed to leave early in the morning on Thursday to get to the aquarium when it opened, but we wanted to make sure Michael was feeling well enough.  We debated back and forth.  After indecisiveness about the potential wasted money if we got there and Michael wasn't feeling well, we upgraded to a year's membership.  That way--no loss.  We could go and leave if needed.  BUT that wasn't needed!  Michael did great!  JP was so right!!!  I have to admit, Tera and I were SO disappointed about the possibility of missing out on our last chance for a day trip during our staycation.  BUT, JP was right!  

The walk from the parking garage--crazy art and buskers!  Loved it! 

The view

Otters--Tera's favorite of the entire day!

So many things to touch and feel at this aquarium and great hand washing stations!

The aquarium is divided into two parts--River's Journey and Ocean's Journey.  We definitely enjoyed River's Journey more, but maybe that's because we started there and took our time.  By the time we made it to Ocean's Journey, we were tired!

Michael brought his miniature "Whit" from Adventures in Odyssey club for our adventure.  Whit saw lots of cool animals!

In between River's Journey and Ocean's Journey we went down by the riverfront!  It was so beautiful and I think next time we go, we'll definitely picnic down there.

Ocean's Journey had lemurs and a butterfly house.  There were so many people that the butterflies weren't landing much.  Definitely starting there next visit!

Lots of varieties of jelly fish

Beautiful art!

 More jellyfish...

Sea walnuts!  I've never seen these before, and they were utterly fascinating.


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