Saturday, July 14, 2018

Knoxville Day Trip: East Tennessee History Center and Mast General Store

We are not big city folks!  We make PLANS to go to the nearest big city.  Going on a whim or on a weekly basis is just not our style.  But every year on MY birthday, I get to pick whatever day trip I want!  I like quirky places or museums.    In the past couple of years on my birthday, we've visited Mayfield Dairy and the Museum of Appalachia.   Since my birthday fell in the middle of our staycation, it was perfect day to drive to Knoxville for some museum fun!

We've heard great things about the East Tennessee History Museum and it lived up to the descriptions!  Downtown Knoxville is distributing "Where's Waldo?" passports this summer.  Basically, you find Waldo in about 30 different downtown locations.  Michael really LOVED this surprising addition to our day!  

Tera has done quite a bit of research on Sergeant York and we were so disappointed that the traveling exhibit was scheduled to leave 2 days before our visit.  But I mentioned to her that quite frequently exhibits hang around for a few days or even weeks longer than the published schedule.  We were happily surprised when that was the case.  It made her day!

She is so excited!

 Waldo in the Mast General Store

When Tera and Daniel were younger, we visited the Mast General Store and they got to chose unique candies from the bulk candy bins.  Michael was too little to eat candy then.  But he wasn't this time!


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