Friday, July 6, 2018

Fun Fridays: Science and Art

Today, we kicked off "Fun Fridays", our twice-a-month co-op on Friday mornings with Michael and his good friend, Sam.  I have always wanted Michael to have a small, informal co-op experience like we had with our good friends when Tera and Daniel were younger.  This is perfect for us right now in this stage of our life! 

Bible study and object lesson on obedience:


Scale model of the planets' distance from the sun.

Moon phases with Oreos

Homework:  Glitter constellations and edible constellations

Playful Pup and Cool Cat Newspaper Art

Space snack:  

Our morning was very successful.  We didn't have time to finish all the activities I had planned to do, which is always great from a teacher's point-of-view.  The boys had a few minutes to rough house at the end and no one was seriously injured.  A great start to "Fun Fridays".  


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