Sunday, July 15, 2018

Staycation: Latino Market Adventure and Gelato Taste Testing

We had planned on going to the Tennessee Aquarium on Wednesday, but Michael had woken up sick at his stomach in the middle of the night.  So, we postponed our trip and did a very short trip to a local Latino market.  Everyone picked a snack (Michael didn't partake) and we headed home to try them out.  

Our choices--

Papayas looks very pretty, but oh my...  Fresh papayas smell like VOMIT!  No one in this house could eat it!   We did try and that was the whole point! 

For dinner we (as in Tera, Daniel and the parents) had pork roast with vegetables in the crock pot with corn bread and JP made this beautiful tomato salad with tomatoes and basil from the garden.  

About a week ago, I found some high end gelato for a steal at our local discount grocery.  I purposely saved these for a gelato tasting guessing game.  After Michael went to bed for the night, Tera, Daniel and JP did a blind taste testing.  They had to write their guess of flavor on a piece of paper to see who was the closest.  I can't remember who won, but it was a lot of fun.  Cinnamon Peach Biscuit was hands down the crowd favorite.

We also watched "Paddington 2" (Well, everyone did, but me...I napped.) and later that night the teens and I watched "Murder on the Orient Express".  I was so glad that we could salvage the day for the older kids. 


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