Saturday, July 14, 2018

Staycation Fun

We crammed a boatload of fun into our last week of summer vacation.  JP took the entire week off of work.  For various reasons, it didn't work out for us to travel for a vacation this year.  But we made our own fun and were able to sleep in our own beds every night!  

I planned out the week with various downtime days intermingled with day trips.  It has been perfect for the introverts in the family!  

In the planning stages we set up some guidelines that we tried to follow throughout the week:  Limited device time (phones, tablets, FB); using paper products; keeping meals simple; limited house work; weekends were normal, but weekdays were strictly vacation.

Things did not go as planned!  There were situations that threatened to derail our fun, but everything worked out in the end perfectly!

So, hang on for a week's worth of staycation posts!

Monday was one of our low-key days.  We chilled out during the day and then went to see Incredibles 2!

Ice cream sundaes for dessert!


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