Saturday, July 21, 2018

First Week of School 2018-2019 Highlights

When I designed our school year, I tried to plan British history as a very hands-on course.  My high school students have four weeks to finish the first unit on ancient British history.  Tons of reading, timelines, two "choose-your-own" projects a week, and documentaries.  So far, the kids are LOVING this course!  

Tera chose to do a comparison project for ancient defensive structures and a Celtic knot project. 

Michael studied Delaware, the first state by helping to make a peach crisp.  Did you know the peach blossom is Delaware's  state flower?

No matter how much Michael studies on his own, he always likes to "tag along" on Tera and Daniel's projects.  Michael's hand-drawn version of a brochs.  (Yes, it's spelled that way!) 

Daniel's British history projects for the week--Celtic knot and Stonehenge painting

This girl got her t-shirt in the mail for making the All-Academic Team for USA Fencing based on her GPA!

Long ago when Tera and Daniel were younger, we had weekly assignment sheets.  I revived that method for Michael for 4th grade.  It works great to keep us both on track for the day and week.  

It was a great beginning to what looks like our best school year EVER!!!!  


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