Monday, August 23, 2010

Ancient Egypt-Take 1

We started our week long unit on Ancient Egypt. I took a great deal of the ideas from the site:

Ancient Egypt Geography

Mummy Experiment: Mummifying an apple to see which type of salt does the best job of mummification. We used baking soda, table salt and epsom salt then did mixtures of salts. Our eighth cup will be just a plain apple for a control. We weighed each apple quarter first then will weigh them in a week to determine which mixture would be the best choice.




Sand Paper Art
Photobucket Photobucket
I thought their Sand Paper Art turned out great. Not only did they look good, they actually drew scenes from Egyptian life on their own without prompting. I had to stop them at three a piece.
We wrote in our timelines today. I am so happy about that, I really wanted to incorporate timelines this year. So studying the ancient civilizations is giving us a great opportunity.

Here are some other sites:
Egyptian Town
Life on the Nile
Egyptian Artifacts Game
Who Owns the Rosetta Stone?
Mapping Activity
Now school is done for the day but the kids pulled out a library book on How to Draw Ancient although "school" may be done the learning is definitely not!


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