Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bits and Pieces

We are definitely back into the groove of school. Here are bits and pieces from our week and ramblings from my brain:

  • Daniel is getting the hang of Saxon Math and finishing in a very good amount of time. He finished on Friday in about 25 minutes. He was even surprised at how fast he got done. I need to remember he works better under pressure and give him less time to finish. If not he just piddles around and stares off into space until the last few minutes.
  • I had a Dentist appt. on Wednesday for a problem I've been having. Now I have found out one of my molars that had two root canals and a crown has to be extracted because it has a hairline crack that has caused an infection. I wasn't in pain but I'm starting to have some sensitivity so I'm glad it will be taken care of before it gets worse. I go for a consultation next week. Fun, fun!
  • We had a fun time with friends this week learning about Chemistry and Art:Lines. I forgot my camera but you can check out the action here: Chemistry and Lines
  • I bought myself Seasons 5 and 6 of the Cosby Show, so I'm getting out of my newly acquired earlier bedtime. Later bedtime=crankier me. I must get in bed earlier...I must get in bed earlier...
  • I've discovered a couple of new musical groups lately. I really like these guys: Newworldson and Needtobreathe
  • Tera is starting to play with her hair---wearing pony tails, head scarves, and head bands. She usually likes straight and plain. I have such a beautiful daughter that is turning into a lovely young lady inside and out.
  • Michael has a check up this week. He is so funny. Yesterday we had friends over and it's cute to see him try to jump in the fray to play with the "big kids". Tera tries to get him in big conversations. She asks him questions and he babbles back answers we are still trying to figure out.
  • We started a 6 week unit on Electricity. Daniel is so excited, he has already figured out how he could make a generator out of wire and magnets. We've never studied this before and both the kids are excited about it.
  • We've got two birthdays coming up- Daniel at the end of the month and Tera at the beginning of October. They are growing up so much. I cannot believe my oldest will be 10 this year and my used to be youngest will be 8.

Well, that's all the bits and pieces I can muster right now. Tune in next week for...who knows what?


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