Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tera Cooks...

Rice Lasagna
Sweetened Baby Carrots from Everything Kid's Cookbook
Honey Wheat Bread

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Finished Product:

This was a very tasty meal especially the rice lasagna. Every month Tera picks out a menu to make for the rest of us. Tera is picky about cooked vegetables but likes this carrot recipe so we've had it several times so far. I am very pleased with her steps to independence in the kitchen. She is learning how to use various cooking methods and time saving devices (aka bread machine). I did not post the bread recipe because it turned out a little more dense, but still very edible. Now Daniel is getting excited about starting to cook once a month. If they keep this up, I'll be able to retire by the time they are teenagers and their spouses will be very well fed.
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