Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ancient China Unit Day 2

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Our Shadow Puppet and Stage (an old quilting frame with tissue paper screen)

Ancient China for Kids My kids clicked around this site for almost an hour exploring the different aspects of Ancient China...I assigned certain topics and then let them choose ones of interest.
Playing with Shadows- great online Shadow puppet interactive with video.
Shadow Shapes- Click on the link for a simplified kid-friendly shadow puppet guide.

We have a couple of videos that were great examples of shadow puppetry. One was a Bananas comedy video with Bob Stromberg and the other was a Muppet Show episode featuring Judy Collins.


Silk Road information
Stories from the Silk Road
Model of the Silk Road We haven't gotten to this one yet but it was on the plan for today.

We dabbled with Chinese Calligraphy using a book Daniel picked out for the library. I also found a worksheet on line with two characters they traced and tried to copy. Then I printed out the characters for the numbers 1-10



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