Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm sitting here feeling a little brain dead. I have so much to do I feel a little paralyzed. Planning-cleaning-organizing----, yet here I sit doing nothing. It's quiet mostly (ironically, my daughter just came stomping into the room and says loudly into my silence---"Mom, this is funny..."). We got up early, the kids got most of their book work done early this morning so we could go over to a friend's house for a play date. It's their week off so we played hookie for a while. We ate a leftover lunch, finished up school work and were waiting for our water to come back on. With the baby asleep and the other kids reading, it's very quiet except for the baby monitor hiss and the mid-afternoon rush hour. The quiet will not last long I assure ideal time to do some of those above mentioned tasks, but here I sit.

I noticed two posts last week with the word "happenings" in them (note to self- don't use that word for a while). The reading timer went off and I hear the rousing of children who have been quiet long enough for their taste. I shall ramble again some other day when I need to procrastinate.


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