Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Barstool Redo

If you ever been to my house, you've seen my taped up ugly stools. We found these at an antique store years ago for $5 a piece. We keep a couple in the kitchen and that's where most mornings you'll find my husband and I talking over our coffee. We've taped them up but I was tired of seeing them and getting old tape stuck to my behind. Getting rid of them is not an option so after seeing a craft on The Dollar Store Crafts site, I talked my husband into using some extra fabric we had leftover from some other projects to redo them. This is by no means a professional job but it was very easy and I think it turned out very well.

Start with an butt-ugly stool...
Turn it upside down and measure your fabric with at least 3 inches extra all around. It's easier if you cut your fabric in a circle before starting to staple.
Staple it making pleats as you go. Trim off any extra fabric you have when you are done.
The finished project!

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