Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Musings aka Ramblings

Since we had visitors last weekend and then started swim lessons on Monday, I decided to take fall break a week early so that the kids could recover a bit. We had pictures taken Tuesday and had to buy some things for the kids to wear. Tera is growing like a weed and needed new pants. Daniel is sneaking up on me, too. His sandals last year were 1 1/2 and his sneakers 2's, now he is in a 3 shoe size. He has worn flip flops and crocs all summer so I didn't even notice. It is crazy the growth spurts they are having. But I'm thankful for healthy, happy kids.

My house smells of Old English lemon scent and Mr. Clean. I spent today finishing up the cleaning because we are having friends over tomorrow. I had the kids earn a movie tonight by doing cleaning jobs around the house. Each job earned 5 minutes of a movie. They were allowed to pool their times to watch 1 movie. They swept, cleaned windows, wiped down baseboards, and other things. They were so excited when I showed them how to use Old English on the bannister and wood parts of the stairs. Both of them love to clean if it's earning something they want. That works for me.

I've really been struggling lately with a consistent prayer time. As soon as I find my groove something happens and knocks me off routine. We talked during our sharing time about "praying continuously". An idea came to me (I always know God gives me these ideas because it usually happens while I'm reading my Bible or praying). I divided my prayer list into sections- (my immediate family, my family, my husband's family, co-workers, friends). Then I wrote out prayer cards and placed them in the rooms I spend the most time in as a reminder to pray for that list of people. So when I walk into a room, it's a little reminder. I don't remember every time but I found myself in a more prayerful spirit today. And I think that's a great thing.

My mom had her gall bladder removed and I am so relieved that she is home recovering after a successful surgery. I pray that this will remedy her symptoms.

I've also gotten out of the habit of my daily exercise and watching what I eat. We've had a month of weird eating. Daniel's birthday, joint party, Tera's birthday, guests, sicknesses and other things have really thrown me off. I have exercised, just not riding my bike which is really good for me. My legs have been tight and stiff lately so I'm ready to get back into the routine of things. The scale has been kind to me in spite of my recent slack but I'm not going to keep pushing it. I rode my bike tonight and it felt great.

Well, that's enough rambling for tonight...


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