Friday, October 1, 2010

Ancient China Days 4 and 5

Ancient China for Kids- Great Wall information. We found several sites: Build the Wall, Walk the Great Wall of China and The Great Wall

Mahjong Tiles- This is the MSN games version with commercials. This games was invented by the Chinese and it is very addictive. My kids will definitely not be playing this on a regular basis although they really loved it.

Chinese Slat Book Our did not quite turn out like the picture...we ran out of sticks and couldn't find the string.

Silk Processing: We found several websites about silk processing: The Silk Process, Video on the process, History of Silk and a worksheet.

We added to Thursdays work with an art lesson from our art curriculum on Warm and Cool Colors as well as some activities from the book Math Wizardry for Kids.

Friday, we had a Chinese feast with pork fried rice, fried fish, plain rice and fortune cookies. Nothing authentic I'm sure. Just Americanized recipes and Gorton's. We learned this week fortune cookies were invented by an American advertising company but it was fun to include them in the meal.

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Disclaimer: We don't really believe fortune cookies tell our future...they are just for fun. We got a good laugh out of most of them. The two above though were actually good advice. A day of worry is worth a week of work and A mentor is someone whose hindsight can become your foresight.

How to Use Chopsticks- our kids have always had a fascination with chopsticks and even have their own pair they use on occasion.

Daniel is actually really good with chopsticks.


Tera practicing with play food before dinner.


Chinese Inventions We made these firework paintings by diluting acrylic paint with water. Then dropping one drop at a time on your paper. With a quick puff of air through a straw blown into the center of drop you create a firework. We experimented to get just the right air pressure and paint consistency.



A China Family Adventure a good site with videos of various aspects of Chinese culture

All About Pandas- Daniel bought a stuffed panda that came with a video so they watched that today while lunch was cooking.

The kids worked on the Silk Road projects from earlier in the week but they are still working on those at the time this is publishing.

Today we also talked about Ancient World Religions--the above linked site Ancient China for Kids has a very short synopsis of each philosophy/religion. We looked at Taoism, Buddhism, Ancestor Worship and Confucious. We talked with the kids about how in each of these philosophy, the trust is in yourself and life is what you make it, instead of trust in Jesus Christ. In the zodiac and use of oracle bones, people are seeking power and knowledge outside of God. I'm so glad that I have something bigger than myself to believe in and place my trust.
It's been a great week in China...we have had lots of fun!


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