Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Birthday Tradition

This started sorta by accident. At lunch, JP asked Tera (since she was 10) to think of 10 things she wanted to do, accomplish, or privileges she would like to have before her next birthday. I thought this was a great idea. Here's Tera's list:

1. Read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
2. Make cookies for our neighbors
3. Try at least one new food
4. Write a letter to Poppy (Granddad) in French
5. Write a letter in cursive
6. Go to the indoor waterpark again
7. See Voyage of the Dawn Treader at the movie theatre (our kids have never been to inside an actual movie theatre for various reasons-cost being the main reason and trashy/scary R rated posters another)
8. Drive the bumper cars at Dollywood
9. Read The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis
10. Call friends on the phone. (we pointed out that if this happens that specific phone rules will apply)

Since we didn't do this on Daniel's birthday, we let him think of some things too. His list:

1. Have more privacy
2. Earn a bow and arrow
3. Learn a new instrument
4. Pick up Michael without permission
5. Go bowling
6. Cook his own breakfast more
7. Pick out own clothes all the time
8. Change his penguin (Clubpenguin) to safe chat instead of Ultimate chat (Ultimate chat does not let you type anything only respond from a list of answers/questions) This one I checked off last night...we've been meaning to do it, we just kept forgetting.

I think this is a great tradition to start as our kids get older. It helps us see areas they feel they want/need more freedom in and some things that are important to them. I will say we did help them a little with these lists in the form of hints about things we knew they would want. I'm sure we will have to clarify that just because it is on the list does not make it an automatic do or die thing, but I think they already know that. Way to go Dad in thinking up a new birthday tradition!


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