Monday, July 30, 2012


I'm so not a hair person...I really need a new style, cut, whatever you want to call it.  I'm not scared to get my hair cut, I'm just scared of finding a person who won't give me an awful haircut.  I never really experimenting doing my own hair growing up so basically my hair is down or it's in a ponytail.  

My daughter does not want to cut her hair at all.  I think she wants to be like my mom and have hair down to her knees.  She usually wears it in a loose, low ponytail parted right down the middle.  We really want her to go and get a hair style that will really look great on her.  She doesn't want a cut, so we compromised.  She found this book: 

Product Details

On her own, she's done about 4-5 of these easy hairstyles for girls and can't wait for her friends to come over, so she can practice on them. 

All the girl needed was some instruction, confidence and a little practice...

The big smile is my favorite part!


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