Sunday, July 22, 2012

RIP Summer 2012

Rest in Peace, Summer 2012

You've been an interesting summer to say the least....

You seem to come slowly into our lives and leave all too quickly.  Before we knew it, you were over.  Oh, how I wish we would have cherished each of your precious days more. 

We made lots of fun memories....vacation, museums, friends, holidays, library trips, and you've given us zucchini galore.  Summer has brought changes into our immediate and extended families

Officially, you've just begun but since we start school tomorrow, you'll only be a visitor into our routine.  We'll still enjoy your sno-cones and ice cream, complain about your heat and bugs and eat the fruits of your climate.   We'll try to carry your carefree attitude with us as we begin a new year, but it won't be quite the same. 

So, we say good-bye to you, the past regrets and the could-have-beens and look to a bright future where the slate is clean and the pencils are sharp.   


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