Thursday, May 1, 2014

3 Things Thursday: 3 Things I Love About This Guy

Three Things Thursday

No, it's not Father's Day or his birthday, but oh, how I love this guy!   More than words can really say and so much more than the three things I'll be listing. 

3 Things I Love About This Guy: 

1. After 20 years of marriage, he knows me better than I know myself.  Sometimes that drives me crazy, but I do know it's true.  

2. He always supports me following my dreams, even if it means he's out of his comfort zone.  He's the first one to say, "Go for it!  You'll do awesome!"  JP really is my biggest cheerleader.  


3.  He loves to have fun!  I tend to be the more serious one.  JP is the one with the jokes and silliness to break up the tension. 

I'm learning more and more that our husbands need our love and attention.  We get torn in so many ways, doing too many things that often they get what little we have left, if anything. 

Give your guy a big hug/kiss today and tell him what you love about him!  Go ahead, brag on your man! 


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