Friday, May 23, 2014

Quintets, Wedding Dresses and Corn Dogs!

I take Tera to the choral concerts, but Daniel and I hit the orchestral ones. (I'm blessed, I get to go to both!)   Our local library had the KSO Woodwind Quintet for a concert.  It was totally awesome!  We got there early for front row seats. 

Each member did a "teaching" in between the pieces.  Basically introducing their instrument and themselves to the audience.  I LOVED this part!!!

The Blount County Historical Museum has a dress exhibit right now.  They just changed the dresses to reflect wedding dresses from different eras.  One of the curators, Peter, always takes so much time showing us around and explaining things.  Even though, we've been there going on a dozen times; there is still so much to see and learn! 

Can't beat 50 cent corn dogs, when you are out and about at lunch time!

A little ice cream never hurt anybody either!

I have to say our summer is getting a great start!


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