Monday, May 26, 2014

Funny kid stuff....

I found this list of funny kid stuff in my drafts folder and thought it would be wrong not to share.  Some old...some no particular order. 

What started out as teaching Michael to say: "My compliments to the chef" turned into this: 
"My compli-pants"  "no, no com-PLA-ments" -  and ended with "My com-PLA-ments to the pants"  and raucous laughter over breakfast!

Michael calls dandelions, "Daniel-lions".

LarryBoy has "super uction ears"

Tera drew an Easter picture and told Michael, "Jesus died for you, so you don't have to die". Michael said: "Yay, I'm free!" I think that sums it up on this Good Friday

I reminded my son not to take things from his sister...I mentioned the word stealing. He said "I looked it up earlier in the dictionary and it said stealing was taking something with the intention of keeping it. I wasn't planning on keeping it." And I thought the kid didn't know how to use a dictionary. ;)

On vacation, I looked at Michael and said:  "Someone needs a nap!"  He replied, "You!"  Not quite what I had in mind, but he was right---I did need one, too! 

Michael says, "I love my stuffed animals. Not like 'hubba-hubba' love, but like friendship love."  

4 actual walks in one week! As we were huffing/puffing up a hill at the trail near the library, Michael said, "I'm glad we don't smoke!" Me too, too!

Watching the road being paved is a big deal barking, floor shaking, kids entertained watching all the machines. Michael commenting on how smoking isn't good for the workers' lungs. Such excitement!
Tera made dinner and breakfast for tomorrow. So thankful for a child that takes up my slack on days when I'm not quite up to the whole she-bang. She totally rocks!!!

It's so nice when your kids make fun of you getting all choked up while watching Little House on the Prairie. I can get my own tissues, thank you very much!

Tera looks at me all confused when I'm telling her to hit "return" while she is typing something. She's like "Return? Where is that?" Oh yeah, return was back in the olden days. Return=Enter, young whippersnappers

Some of Michael's mispronunciations and funny sayings:

Tetrazzini --  "tetrazany"
Practice-- "prabtice"  
Feliz Navidad--"police dabida"

He saw a picture of an egg and said..."Is that the egg the goose pooped out it's butt?"  (Oh my!) 

I asked if Michael was scared while he was watching a movie...He said "I'm not scared cause I'm not in the movie...Woody's scared cause he's in the movie"



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