Saturday, May 3, 2014


Two "old" friends chatting and playing

In the end, officially Daniel tied for first!    He won with grace and for that I'm truly thankful!  He and other other top players won a USCF membership for the year.  That means something really good, but you'll have to ask the chess coach for the reasons.  I'm just the mommy! 

Tera said she had insomnia last night and it really affected her performance.  I could tell she was dragging a lot.  I'm still so proud of her.  She always has such great sportsmanship and is an awesome kid.

Michael hung in there and played three whole games.  He had a "bye" the last round, so he ended up with one point as his score.  I was just happy that he stayed focused enough to finish his games.  

JP had to go to the doctor yesterday and came home with some kind of steroids to help him get over whatever this crud he is suffering with.  He was miserable!  It was so nice to be able to be done by lunch.  I was not envying the kids/parents who were there until five or later.  That may be us in the future....


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