Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Making a Toad Abode

We have a shady spot in one of our gardens that we can't plant anything.  So, we decided to turn it into an inviting place for a toad(s).  Our garden definitely has too many slugs.  

Toads can eat 50 to 100 slugs a night.  

Making a toad abode is worth a shot!

Toads like the shade and need a source of water.  We took a flower pot drip pan and filled it with river rocks.  One larger rock was put in to the side for the toad to sit.  

Tera dug a hole so we could sink our shallow "pond" into the dirt.  

We took some clay pots and lightly painted them.  The kids decided they wanted to have a Wind in the Willows toad abode.  So, our four "houses" each were named after places in the book. 

We did several methods for our "abodes".  Toad Hall was propped up on some rocks.  Mole End had some issues.  I tried to crack a hole in the pot and ended up cracking the entire pot.  We pieced it back together and buried both pieces to create the entrance.  Rat Place and Badger Hall both were buried halfway into the ground.  We put leaf mulch into each "abode".

Then we decorated with accent rocks and this cute little sign "Toad Abode" made by Daniel.

Lastly, we put up a twig fence.  After evenly spacing the twigs, we wound twine around them to keep our dog from invading our new toad habitat.  

Everything we used was recycled from previous gardening ventures, or from our craft cabinet.  

It was a fun morning and a great way to start our summer vacation!  

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