Thursday, May 15, 2014

Three Things Thursday: Summer


Summer is here!  We are officially on summer break.  I'm staying up way too late and semi-sleeping in (aka, the kids have had breakfast already).  I know this is a huge mistake and I won't let it become a habit.  Last year, it was torture to get back into the school schedule after letting myself stay up too late. 

I'm so excited that I have TWO, count them TWO "me night's out" coming up.  I cannot tell you how long it's been since I have been anywhere with anyone by MYSELF that is not a child.  I am so excited!!! Can you tell?  

Summer also means:

1. Easy dinners...

Tera made this easy dinner almost single handed.  We kept our eyes open for clearance bread loaves at Walmart making this a frugal meal as well. 

2.  Games...  

In addition to playing chess everyday, we try to play games on a daily basis throughout the summer.

3.  Frozen Treats....

Froyoz is a twice a year treat/tradition (last day of school--first day of school)   for us because of the price tag for a family of 5.   We decided we're going to change our tradition to be a "Make your own sundae" party.  With the amount of money we pay for one trip, we could buy enough ice cream and toppings to invite friends over to join us. 

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