Thursday, July 31, 2014

3 Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday

1. Our garden is yielding a bumper crop this year.  My counter is overflowing basically ALL the TIME!  So, what have I been doing?  Cooking, cooking, cooking and writing blog posts about all the recipes I'm finding.

My counter looks like this today, not counting all the cucumbers and a few eggplants in the fridge.  

Garden Recipes
Cucumber Recipes
20 Eggplant Recipes
10 Pattypan Recipes

Since my butternut squash are starting to come in, I need to get on the ball and find some new recipes! 

2.  Seeds Family Worship---we love them!  I bought one to start and then went back to buy 3 more!  Each CD came as a two-pack-one to keep and one to share.  We've been able to pass these scripture songs along to others.

3.  One of our new favorite songs:


  1. Great list this week. We haven't really started getting anything out of our garden yet and it's not going to yield NEAR the peppers I got last year - but it looks like we'll have a lot of corn and (hopefully) potatoes).

    I hadn't heard that song yet- thanks for sharing!

  2. Love it when bumper crops come in! That will be handy come winter!



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