Monday, July 14, 2014


I turned 40 last doesn't feel any different than 39 or 35 or 30.  Life is sweet, God is so good to me and I cannot complain.  (Although, I still do at times about various things!)  


My husband had to give me a hard time with my over-the-hill cane, a flashing 40 button and various other reminders.  

He really "took the cake" (pardon the pun) with my cake made by a very talented co-worker.  He wanted to celebrate the swim lessons I'm taking and she took it from there.  It was amazing!!

The kids made me neat and thoughtful presents and I'm so blessed to have this little brood of mine!

Oh, and this guy is my forever sweetheart!

I take back what I wrote at the beginning of this post, 40 does feel different.  I feel more loved, blessed and I'm surrounded by some really cool people! 


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