Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kindergarten Math: 5 Activities Using Teddy Bear Counters

5 Activities Using Teddy Bear Counters:

Practice one-on-one correspondence:  

Use number cards with dots to practice counting. 

Print a free set:  
Large Number Cards with Dots 
Dot Cards 
or make your own using bingo markers, drawing dots or gluing dots cut from colored paper. 

This is a great book to use as well:
Ten Black Dots

Addition and Subtraction Word Stories:

"There were 2 teddy bears playing on the playground.  Two more teddy bears came to join them.  How many teddy bears were playing on the playground?"

Make up your own scenarios and have your kindergarten student act out the word problem then count to find the answer.  

Equal groups practice:  

Have your student divide the bears into equal groups, then dump them out to check by counting.


Introduce bar graphs using this fun printable from Kinderkids Fun: Graphing Teddy Bears


Give students various measuring projects and use the teddy bear counters as the measuring stick.   "How many teddy bears long is your pencil?  Your foot? The couch? etc."

Free resources:

Free on TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers)
Teddy Bear Counter Flashcards 

Teddy Bear Patterning Strips

Bear Counting Cards


Teddy Bear Counting

Teddy Bear Math

Teddy Bear Patterns 

50 Counting Bears with 5 Cups

We purchased our 50 count set of teddy bear counters with 5 cups from Amazon for $7.68.

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